Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair

Why worry about your scalp? 

The biggest reason for maintaining a healthy scalp is to encourage a healthy hair growth cycle.  An unhealthy scalp may affect the hair in appearance, texture, density and behaviour.When diagnosing your scalp health we look for obvious signs, these include redness or irritation. This is why we ask ‘Do you have any scalp concerns?’ during your hair consultation. If your scalp is oily, flaky, itchy, or uncomfortable this would indicate a scalp condition that needs attention.
We know lifestyle and genetics are reasons for experiencing an unhealthy scalp, things like health, diet, medications, chemicals (applied on-scalp) and lack of hydration.The hair follicle, found under the scalp, is the point from which our hair grows. So it’s not unreasonable to think if our scalp isn’t healthy our hair growth and condition may be compromised too. It’s not uncommon to experience some form of hair loss if our scalp isn’t in optimum health. We know genetics and hormones are one of the most common causes of hair loss, regardless, a great start is focusing on a healthy hair bulb i.e. scalp health.

5 healthy scalp tips:

  • Change your shampoo and hair care to something more specific for your scalp concern. Increase the frequency you wash to every second or third day. 
  • A scalp massage or scalp brush can be added into your hair health routine, this will stimulate blood, to feed the hair follicle, aiding in hair growth, it also distributes oil down the hair shaft, adding to the nourishment of the hair.  We would only recommend this if your scalp was NOT red or irritated in any way. 
  • There are a range of products available to promote a healthy scalp, applied externally on the scalp or internally with our edible in-salon haircare range Apotecari. These include products rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins. Using external (topical) treatments to soothe and stimulate new hair growth. 
  • A scalp scrub can assist with unblocking the hair follicle (this can aid in cleansing out hormones that, if left sitting in the follicle, contribute to hair loss), again encouraging healthy hair growth.5.Ensure shower 5.
  • water is not too hot when you’re washing your hair and always rinse really well, excess shampoo and conditioner in the hair can irritate your scalp too.

Healthy scalp = healthy hair! In our experience we have had the greatest success with active substances to optimise the healthy maintenance of the hair and it’s growth. We’re here to help you, with our extensive knowledge and training in hair, book a complimentary consultation to discuss your hair and scalp health with one of Brisbane’s hair specialists at Beau Gordon.