Your 2024 Hair Trends

In the ever-spinning carousel of fashion, each season unfurls a fresh vibe, blurring the boundaries between what’s sizzling and what’s not. And oh, when it comes to hair, the playground gets even more thrilling!

Get ready for a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours, no matter the season. Picture this: low-maintenance hair hues with a dance of soft, blended balayage tones. Think retouches that cozy up to your natural base and haircuts that echo the groovy vibes of the ’70s and the ’90s. Scroll down for a sneak peek into our crystal ball—the exclusive 2024 hair trend forecast.




The Brachel

Introducing ‘The Brachel’—where the timeless elegance of Bridget Bardot collides with the effortlessly chic vibes of Rachel Green. Imagine the lovechild of the swinging ’60s Bardot bangs and the chunky ’90s layers that defined Rachel’s iconic look. If you’re not ready to fully commit to a bold fringe but crave the allure of face-framing magic coupled with the bonus of textured, voluminous layers, then ‘The Brachel’ is whispering your name!


70’s shag cut

Step into the groove with the 70’s Shag, a contemporary twist on the feathered and fabulously fluffy aesthetics of bygone eras. Paying homage to the rock ‘n roll spirit of the 1970s, this haircut exudes an air of casual coolness, embracing the art of being effortlessly messy. Picture choppy ends, layers that crown you in style, and an abundance of texture that screams retro with a modern edge!

The Bixie

Bid farewell to the lengthy locks because here comes The Bixie (Bob-Pixie), a magical fusion of two iconic styles that’s all about embracing volume, layers, and texture! It’s the perfect harmony of softness with a dash of edge, tailored for those yearning for a funkier transformation. This versatile and enchanting hairstyle is a chameleon that effortlessly adapts to both formal elegance and laid-back casual vibes. Get ready to rock a look that’s as dynamic as you are!

Bold and bright for 2024! 

Ignite your year with a burst of fun and excitement by rocking the Cherry Red hair trend! Picture this: a vibrant, violet-infused red with cooler undertones that makes a bold statement, setting it apart from the warmer reds of yesteryears. But hold on, whether you’re vibing with a fiery crimson or a cool cherry hue, remember that aftercare is the secret sauce. Nurture your color with the love it deserves—opt for a color-protecting shampoo, conditioner, or indulge in a color-depositing mask to ensure your hues stay fresher for longer! Let the vibrancy linger, and the excitement never fade.

Expensive Honey Blonde

Get ready to bask in warmth, radiance, and timeless allure! The spotlight is on the grand return of the high-impact warm blonde this year— an aesthetic that screams opulence and sophistication. Picture warm, golden tones weaving their magic to create a naturally flattering look that complements a spectrum of skin tones. Here’s to hoping this classic sensation becomes a mainstay, gracing us with its luxurious presence for years to come!