A Keratin hair treatment is like botox for the hair!

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have mixed feelings about summer, sure it brings beautiful warmth and vacations at the beach but it also brings the dreaded frizzy hair.In climates with high humidity expect to see changes in the way your hair behaves, your curls won’t hold, you can put those hot tools away! They won’t help beat the moisture in the air. Humidity plays havoc on wavy, curly hair and 65% of the population consider themselves to be in this category. It’s similar to hopping into a hot shower, the moisture causes the cuticle to swell slightly and results in a shift in texture i.e. frizz, fluff and unruly hair.

You may be familiar with this scenario, blow waving and styling your hair before work, only to rock up ready to start your day, with a quick glance in the mirror to do a style check on your appearance, only to discover your hair is a complete fluff ball! The high moisture content in the air collapsing and un-doing your hard work. Or maybe it’s those fluffy ’baby hairs’ around your face, you know the ones that never grow any longer and often get worse after pregnancy. The solution; a keratin hair smoothing treatment, botox for the hair! It fills and smoothes the cuticle with keratin and amino acids preventing any humidity from causing chaos on your gorgeous lock.

Everything you need to know about Keratin hair treatments; summed up!

  • Eliminate frizz
  • Create beautiful shine
  • Smoothing on the hair
  • Reduce your blow wave time to half
  • Relaxes curl, but does NOT straighten
  • No formaldehyde
  • Is NOT a chemical service and does NOT damage hair
  • Stops humidity creating havoc on your hair
  • Lasts 4mths (this is dependent on how you look after your smoothing treatment. Rest assured we will advise you on how to get the best results)
  • Allow 2-3 hours in-salon
  • Colour after a smoothing treatment (you will be 1/2 a shade to 1 shade lighter when you leave the salon, natural hair will stay the same colour)
  • Enjoy gorgeous manageable frizz-free hair


As Brisbane hair specials, we’re right there with you step-by-step. We’ve experienced the pain of unmanageable hair and we’ve also rejoiced in the glory of silky locks after a keratin smoothing hair treatment. We’ll walk you through exactly what to expect, how long you’ll need to allow at Beau Gordon for your smoothing treatment, how much it will cost and how to look after your keratin treatment. Book a consultation with us now.