Your 2022 Hair Trends

Fashion is forever revolving, while each season brings a new look and feel, the lines are blurred on what’s hot and what’s not!
Especially when it comes to hair colouring.
At Beau we have more and more requests for multi-tonal, dimensional colour tones, regardless of the time of year. A nod towards low-maintenance hair colouring with soft blended balayage tones. Retouches that stay close to your natural base and haircuts laced with 70’s and 90’s vibes. Below we have composed our 2022 hair trend forecast.

10 hair trends to influence your 2022

  • Straight down the middle 
  • Shine bright 
  • 90’s nostalgia
  • Curtain fringe
  • The money piece 
  • Natural curl
  • Colour balance 
  • Did someone say ‘Shag’?
  • The chunky highlight 
  • Shadow roots

Straight down the middle

It’s back! Centre parts are all the rage. What an effortless plan to change-up your look. Changing your parting may take a bit of re-training your hairline cowlick, but with guidance from Brisbane hair specialists at Beau we’ll advise you on the correct product choice and quick tips on blowing your new centre part into place.

Shine Bright 

Light reflecting, glossy, diamond like, high shine hair! That sleek, super put together look we all love. Prepped, blown out and flat ironed (straight hair reflects more shine than its curly counterpart) is how we would achieve this. Our go-to products to achieve this look, Ever Smooth in Kevin Murphy to deter humidity and keep those fly-aways at bay then partnered with Kevin Murphy’s Shimmer Shine.

90’s Nostalgia

The bigger, the better. We have been loving the 90’s model blow wave throughout 2021 and it’s here to stay! Product, product, product. Lots of brushwork, over directing and oomph! For our blowwaves we are loving a combination of Ever thicken and Body Builder in Kevin Murphy. Smoothness, root lift and hold!

Curtain Fringe

Face framing; whether it’s with a haircut or colour placement has quickly become a popular request at Beau. The curtain fringe along with more significant layering around the face has evolved from a combination of the 70’s Shag haircut and 90’s layering. It’s a lovely soft addition to most face shapes and can be worn on all lengths of hair, again personalised to suit your features. It’s low maintenance and easy to style.

The Money Piece 

The opening act! Instantly enhance your style, with this bold, brave colour around the face. It’s eye-catching and we’re loving it! 

Natural Curl

Embracing natural curls and movement is easier said than done! We don’t always feel our hair looks as polished, especially since the introduction of hot tools.  But with the right styling advice and a little extra time, your natural curls will make the right statement.  We recommend pinning your curls until they dry, Tully demonstrates in the video link below.

Colour Balance

Did someone say the Colour Equation? Now is the time to enhance your look with the correct hue. What was that? Should you have a warm hair tone or a cool hair tone? Taking into consideration; your skin tone and eye colour we can then advise you on either a warm hair colour (golds, coppers, reds, peachy blondes, pinks…) or a cool hair colour (ash, violet, mahogany…), following the formula warm, warm, cool or cool, cool, warm. These rules aren’t hard and fast, but… If you’re looking to enhance your other features, having the correct Colour Equation is a great start! 

Did someone say ‘Shag’?

Moving away from the blunt looks we have been seeing in the past few years, layered, soft textured cuts are something we will be seeing a lot of in ’22. embracing natural waves and movement, hair off the neck or below the shoulder, the Shag is the perfect summer look. Think razor techniques, point cutting and texture sprays like our Hair Resort spray from Kevin Murphy.

The chunky highlight

Chunky highlights, a resurrection from the late 90’s. But there’s a twist… they are striking, not striping! Used to extend a grown out balayage, colour is lifted higher to refresh and revitalise a large regrowth. Often toned to blend whilst still creating a statement.       

Shadow Roots

High-five to a natural regrowth, Shadow roots create a low maintenance, lived-in hair colour result! Gorgeous and soft, simple/beautiful. The shadow root is the colour that keeps on giving, either using your own natural hair colour or we can add a shadow root to soften your previous foils, it’s a favourite at Beau!
Video link – Tully shows you how to  get the best out of your natural waves  –